Saturday, March 13, 2010

Photography Class Gone Wrong, Then Right.

Last month I began a photography class I signed up  for through Adult Ed in a nearby town. Now, I realize taking a photog class through Adult Ed doesn't exactly scream professional, but it was a great price and the way I see it is that even if I get one thing out of the class it'll be worth it. You can see my first impression here.

Week by week by week by week went by and I held my hopes high of getting some new information. The reality of the situation was that I have more information that the teacher does and I was getting frustrated about it. I kept reminding myself, though, that all I needed was one thing and I'd be happy.

Last week was a prime example of students teaching teacher. She was trying to explain aperture to the class but had it completely backwards. Eventually I spoke up and corrected her and others in the class were asking ME questions. By no means am I a wealth of photography information (hello! Thats why I'm taking a class!), but I am learning - on my own - and I get it. I've read so many books, I could tell you everything about my camera and what it takes to get a good shot - its executing it that I want help with.

Finally last night I got my money's worth. Finally I was able to leave knowing more than I did when I got there. What a great feeling! I wasn't frustrated, I wasn't bored - I was happy! Finally.

So, since I am feeling so great about it, and since I feel like I now have some really great information, I am going to share it! I am not taking credit for any of it - I am simply passing it along. Stay tuned for some photography posts that I sincerely hope will help you, even just a little bit.

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