Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Well, if you haven't noticed already I have done a bit of reorganizing. Part of my goals for a lifestyle change was to pursue photography more and I've done just that. I was sort-of pushed in the direction of starting a company of my own because of an opportunity too big to pass up. I am still very much in the "infant" phase of this, and fully expect to grow and practice and get much, much better as time goes on. Since I have taken this step, and reached this part of my goal, though, I only thought it appropriate to give the photography thing the space and attention it deserves. If you are not here because you support me on this journey, but rather were here to read about my ups and downs in the weight loss department, you can still read about that at my personal blog, Laugh Until You Cry.

Here at BMP Photography - The Blog, I will share with you sneak peaks into photo shoots I do as they come up, but I will continue participating in blog hops and memes geared toward making my photos and skills better. I would love feed back in any form, and look forward to having you along for this ride! Thanks for sticking around - the new address here is

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