Thursday, May 27, 2010

Before and After - A new subject

Time to join in for the Before and After blog hop with Monica over at Pixel Perfect! Usually my subject is my son, or something or someone I see or do with my son. This week, though, I have more stuff to work with. Last weekend I had a whole slew of photo sessions, so I am very excited to share.

This is "R." What a fun girl! R's mom contacted me about doing some maternity photos (R is going to have a little brother any day now!) as well as some family photos, so we did some last week and I am loving them.We had a great session, and this is just a little peek at one of the photos:



This picture was taken with a Canon Rebel 450D and edited in PSE3.


  1. Lovely!! U are too good
    Plz do visit me

  2. Great job, I'm a new follower here. Can't wait to learn more.

  3. Beautiful shot and I LOVE the edit!!! Great work!

  4. Your original photo is really good but your edit is great! I can't seem to ever capture moving objects (like bubbles or those dandelion seeds).

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  5. Perfect edit, the colors look great!

  6. Awesome job Beth! Love the edit.

  7. Great shot to start with! I love how you really bumped up the colors in the edit. Nice!